GPSO Programs and Activities

One-on-one Support

Provided to participants with high support needs, includes personal care procedures, physical therapies, recreational activities, hydrotherapy, personal shopping, administration of medications, meal preparation, PEG procedures.

Short-term accommodation and assistance (eg Respite Care)

Participants are likely to have a number of days where their support arrangements will be different. These are non-typical days and may include funding to provide replacement support, or respite, in group based facility or in home support.

In-home support

GPSO support staff assist individuals with personal care procedures and hygiene, cooking, household tasks, shopping, budgeting and medication.

Employability skills, literacy, numeracy, computer and employability skills class

Qualified educations assist individuals to gain skills in literacy, numeracy, computers, money skills and working as part of a team to obtain and maintain employment. Programs are tailored to meet the needs of participants who are seeking to improve their general knowledge and skills, employment opportunities; participants research courses and are supported to successfully complete job-related courses, learn job skills, learn how to write a resume, visit local workplaces, speak to employers and participate in work placement.

Roy Catanzariti GPSO Service Manger with client


White Card, First Aid, Forklift licence, RSA, RCG, Hospitality Certificate III – Delivered by Western Riverina Community College.

Driving lessons with Griffith Learning to Drive. We also support participants to prepare and study for driving tests.

Basic literacy and numeracy class

Teaches basic skills including time and money skills, basic computer skills, everyday literacy and numeracy skills including reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension.

Clients learning life skills at GPSO

Living skills class

Covers many aspects of daily living skills, including accessing public transport, basic household and vehicle maintenance, laundry (washing and ironing) and sewing skills, understaning signs and road safety, personal care and hygiene, first aid in the home, safety and security when using social media, etc.

Cooking as a living skill

Includes meal planning and preparation, shopping, nutrition and healthy choices, cooking techniques, safe use and cleaning of various cooking appliances and cooking equipment, table setting and meal service, safe food handling, cleaning and hygiene.

Personal care and beauty

Delivered by qualified beauticians on staff, and assists participants in personal care and beauty procedures such as facials and skin care, foot spa, manicure/pedicure, etc.

GPSO Programs - Supported Living Fund

Community access

Includes participating in most community events and parades, visiting local galleries and other venues, personal shopping, ordering meals and eating out, using ATMs, going to the movies, lakes, parks, community gardens, Pioneer Park Museum, City Park, local shops and restaurants, sporting and cultural events, social outings, excursions to Floriade, State of Origin matches, etc.

Clients learning life skills at GPSO

Centre-based activities

We have a huge variety of activities such as indoor bocce, indoor soccer/futsal, basketball, Wii and Xbox, craft activities, music and dancing, personal care and living skills, learning independence. Outdoor activities include yoga, ball games, tennis, gardening etc.

Participants can access books, DVDs, games, puzzles, sporting equipment and music instruments, use computers and Braille machines, and use the library for quiet time or to work on driver knowledge or other courses.

Client enjoying the GPSO Hydrotherapy Pool

Exercise and personal physical training and gym programs

Participants work with personal trainers in our new, well-appointed gym facility, to improve fitness levels, lose weight and improve muscle tone and strength.

Swimming and hydrotherapy

GPSO has a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, with hoist to enable access by people with disabilities, and two aqua-bikes. Participants can access physiotherapist, rehabilitation and learn to swim programs coordinated by qualified swimming instructors. Qualified life guards are on duty to supervise swimmers.

Massage Therapy

Sessions are held each week by our fully qualified massage therapist, and assists participants who may have sports related or other injuries or physical issues and to aid circulation, flexibility and relaxation.

GPSO Programs - Yoga Class

Yoga, Dance, Public speaking and Drama

This weekly program cycles through various activities and is a favourite with participants. They learn various skills such as relaxation techniques, fitness through movement and dance, and improve their communication skills and confidence through public speaking and participating in drama and performances.

Gardening group

Participants learn to plant seedlings, cultivation of organic vegetables, using various garden implements, weeding, watering, harvesting, composting, recycling, learning to drive a ride on lawn mower, etc.

GPSO Programs - Life Skills Program

Craft group

Participants learn various crafts including mosaics, jewellery making, painting and drawing, card-making, decoupage, etc

GPSO Programs - Active Ageing Program

Ten Pin Bowling

Enables participants to meet in a recreational setting, to have fun and socialise with friends and learn valuable skills including turn taking, being part of a team, cooperation and encouraging others to do their best.


Participants learn all aspects of photography under the guidance of an experienced local photographer, Garry Bazzacco.

Other seasonal activities

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to access seasonal activities, including Riding for the Disabled, sailability, gold, fishing, annual festivals, sports and community events.