Getting into the spirit of the Olympics and ALL things sports

The Lilac group took their monthly excursion out to the Town of Barellan! 

We made our way to the big Tennis Racket With Evvone Goolagong’s name & photo on it. We had done some research prior about Evvone but Nothing compared to being filled in by Locals themselves. We were Super luck to have Max open the museum up for us & fill us in on Some of the history of Barellan. 

We Stopped for Lunch at the Barellan General Store where Joanne & Daniel went above & beyond by catering a lunch of ham/chicken & salad rolls for us and creating seating for us. 

From there it was a short walk to the Local post office who has our Very own Brad Wilson’s paintings on sale.  We then went to look at the new tennis courts & see what’s “Evvone’s wall is” 

What a great day..What a great town…And Evvone Goolagong what a great inspiration you are.  A very special thanks to those who made our day so interesting & fun.