NDIS Funding

How does NDIS funding work?

As an NDIS Participant you will receive an annual NDIS plan containing approved funds to pay for services, supports and equipment. 

You will receive funding in your NDIS plan to access ‘reasonable and necessary’ services and supports to reach your goals:

These supports fall into 15 categories:

  1. Assistance with Daily Life
  2. Transport
  3. Consumables
  4. Assistances with Social & Community Participation
  5. Assistive Technology
  6. Home Modifications
  7. Coordination of Supports
  8. Improved Living Arrangements
  9. Increased Social and Community Participation
  10. Finding and Keeping a job
  11. Improved Relationships
  12. Improved Health and Wellbeing
  13. Improved Learning
  14. Improved Life Choices
  15. Improved Daily Living

Each support category is made up of many supports and services which are included in the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue referred to as ‘line items’.

How to manage your NDIS funding?

There are three options to manage your NDIS funding – self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA-managed. You can also choose a combination of all three options!


Self-management is when you or a family member/ carer manages your NDIS funding. This involves accessing the myplace portal to claim and pay for supports using your NDIS funding. Self-managing your NDIS funding gives you control, independence and flexibility in arranging and paying for your supports. You can access both registered and non-registered NDIS providers.

Plan-managed funding

The NDIA will allocate funding in your NDIS plan to pay a Plan Manager, who pay your service providers on your behalf, and help you keep track of your funds. Having your funds plan-managed will allow flexibility and choice over service providers, as you can access both registered and non-registered NDIS providers.

NDIA-managed funding

The NDIA pays your service providers on your behalf. When funding is NDIA-managed, you are only able to access NDIS registered providers.

NDIS Support Categories

There are three types of support budgets that may be funded in your NDIS plan:

Core Supports

Capacity Building

Capital Supports

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Maximise Your NDIS Funds With Support Coordination

Coordinators can help you make the most of your NDIS budget. They will work with you to connect with the right disability support services, gradually building your capacity & confidence to implement your plan on your own.