Improvements see a hive of activity

GPSO is in the process of constructing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) houses in the Griffith area. Our housing will be available from June 2021.

We have skillfully designed each house to contain innovative technology, assistive equipment, and open living spaces to create a safe and empowering home for people with a disability.

This week we have a hive of activity going on. We have our tradies painting the façade of the existing building to beautify the space. Watch this space with further developments coming soon.

We have electrical and communications contractors digging a trench to connect the communications and power to the front gates and SDA accommodation.

We also have the building contractors cladding the SDA houses. Cladding shields the buildings against the sun, rain, wind, temperature extremes, fire, moisture and noise.

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Improvements see a hive of activity -
Improvements see a hive of activity -
Improvements see a hive of activity -