Off to a State of Origin game

What started out as a long, adventurous, 8 hour bus trip for most of us (with the exception of Trevor who jumped on the Maroons bandwagon) turned into a captivating experience for the participants of GPSO at the state of origin 🏉

After arriving at the Quest Liverpool where we stayed for the night, the participants drew battle lines and geared up in the only colour we know here in the greatest state of all which of course was .. BLUE!!!! From crazy wigs, scarfs, beanies, and jerseys the participants were ready to go and get behind the mighty NSW Blues 🙌🏽🔵🔵🔵

From when we first arrived to the stadium, the atmosphere was electric. We had our very own Chris repeatedly starting the NSW chant as the girls were making their presence known screaming and cheering for the blues, and ultimately all of us soaking in the atmosphere of the biggest game in rugby league where we could hardly hear ourselves think 😆

After a big night out, the participants and staff treated themselves to a much deserved breakfast at a beautiful cafe just around the corner from where we were staying.

It was a quiet bus trip back from the tired participants however Trevor did have a lot to say with the night maroons taking the win! 🤣

The trip promoted individual and informed based decision making, community engagement and participation, living and independence skills as well as had the participants socially engaged every step of the way.